Choosing the Best Lead Generation Process

As you are probably well aware, every business survives or dies on its lead generation process.  Leads are an essential element in building any kind of business successfully, whether it is a normal brick & mortar storefront or a Web business. Good lead generation is critical to the financial success of any company, whether large or small.

Generating the lead is the first step of the lead generation process.  Now you might think that "a lead is a lead" and that all leads are the same, but you are wrong. Getting a cold lead and a very focused lead eventually costs the same, but the latter is obviously much better.
For example, if you generate leads, but don't qualify them during the marketing process, you will have wasted time and money on disinterested and unqualified prospects. If you continue on this path of spending money for unqualified leads, eventually your revenues will decrease, and you'll be in danger of closing up your business. 
A good lead generation process needs to be done every day and you have got to learn how to generate quality leads efficiently. 

Components of an Offline Lead Generation Process

There are dozens of ways to generate leads offline.  For example, in the world of network marketing, you could cold call, you could attend networking meetings, post flyers, get a table at trade shows, meet people in the supermarket, and even just talk to people as you are out and about living your life.  
Basically, offline you may spend hours and hours meeting prospects and driving to and from appointments and making calls. 
As an illustration, suppose one of your methods of prospecting is to gathering names from forms and fliers.  It's not a great way to generate leads, but it will get you some.  
Once people are responding to your flier (either by a call or an email), all this information has to be interpreted and transcribed into a database. Then, you have to continue with the full lead generation process.  
Let's suppose you are mailing something to people through postal mail.  After you mail it out, then you have to have a qualifying process to see if the person got the information, looked at it, and wants to make a decision.  
In a brick & mortar business, there might even be office staff in the sales department hired specifically to process the lead through to (hopefully) a successful closing.
Overall, an offline lead generation process can be effective, but it requires a lot of time, physical effort and money. 

Taking Your Lead Generation Process to the Internet

Compared to generating leads offline, the online lead generation process is no less complex and labor-intensive.  In fact, if you have have operated a web-based multi-level marketing business for any period you are probably very familiar with what is involved. 
It's true that you do have an audience of millions when you market online, but that simply means your qualifying process is even more crucial and sometimes it's harder because few people really know you from a hole in the ground.
You can't do a good advertising, qualification, and lead generation process for free.  It takes cash and time to properly launch any business, and the more money you can invest, the better.  
Even if you're just using FaceBook Pay-Per-Click Advertising, the fact remains that you need to spend money to advertise properly so you can generate even more leads.  When you've got a suitable backroll, you can employ an adequate staff (or subcontractors) to handle your lead generation process and other activities that are vital to your success. 
A web-based lead generation process can have a lot of pieces.  For example, you have to write quality articles, get back links, use email autoresponders, write email campaigns and much more.  If you're doing all of that, but your website is not rewarding you with sales by this point, you might be frustrated that "nothing is working".  
At this point, 97% of all internet marketers would give up, and go back to offline marketing.  Why?  Because by comparison, it's easier and sometimes still just as effective!  
And to help in their offline marketing, they consider bying leads.  

Is Buying Leads Considered a Lead Generation Process?

On the surface, buying leads seems like a good idea.  After all, someone else is handling the actual lead generation process, doing the advertising, and collecting the names and contact information.  But here's the catch:  
Even if you can find a reputable company that will give you fresh, qualified leads, you may pay thru the nose for them, whether you convert them to sales or not. 
Your profits will quickly slide away.  And to top it off, in network marketing, you can't raise the price of your product, service or opportunity to compensate.  (In an offline brick & mortar business you could, but you'd run the risk of pricing your items too high.)  

A Lead Generation Process That Works

How about a lead generation process which has been proven to work for thousands of network marketers?  It is simple to use and allows you to stay in charge of your business.  Best of all, the leads you generate are YOURS from start to end.  There's no sharing with others. 
Not only that, it keeps you on the leading edge of creative and effective lead generation that can put your business back on its feet fast.  
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